About Us

About Our Firm

Anderson Bogert is committed to providing professional and relationship-based engineering services to our clients. In addition to technical qualifications, our strength lies in the commitment we will maintain to your project, our highly qualified staff, and the ability to meet your project schedule on time and on budget. Our team believes in sustainable design and working with the public and stakeholders on all projects in order to create a safe and visibly pleasing final product.

Anderson Bogert employs a variety of highly skilled individuals. In addition to Professional Engineers, our staff is comprised of designers, drafters, surveyors, technical assistants, a public information specialist, and support staff.


What is Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. Civil engineers design things you use everyday such as roads, bridges, recreational trails, and water systems.

Anderson Bogert is a Civil Engineering firm with an emphasis on transportation. CLICK HERE to review the services we provide.