Airport Reconstruction, Runway 6/24


Project Description: The City of Muscatine recently decided to pursue a full reconstruction of Runway 6/24 at the Muscatine Municipal Airport. Anderson Bogert assisted the City in securing funding for this $4.5 million project.

Anderson Bogert’s scope included funding/grant applications, topographic survey, preliminary design, engineer’s design report, pavement design, stand-alone construction safety and phasing plan, final design, bid document preparation, bid phase services, limited construction observation, and limited construction administration.

The scope of this runway reconstruction project included the following items:

  • Runway 6/24 pavement removal and replacement (5,500′ long by 100′ wide)
  • 67,500 square yards of portland concrete pavement (includes runway and connecting taxiways)
  • Pavement markings
  • Edge lighting relocations as required by geometric changes for taxiway/runway intersections per FAA¬†Airport Design Advisory Circular
  • One culvert replacement due to poor condition
  • Addition of subdrain per geotechnical report recommendations
  • Sign replacement as required by geometric changes for taxiway/runway intersections per FAA Airport Design Advisory Circular
  • Remaining sign replacement (as an alternate bid schedule)
  • Seeding/erosion control