Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Hall East Parking Lot


Project Description: Anderson Bogert provided surveying, engineering design, and construction services for the Cedar Hall East Parking Lot Project at Kirkwood Community College’s Main Campus in Cedar Rapids. This parking lot project involved total reconstruction of the 300-space parking lot with new concrete pavement with a granular subbase.

One important element of this project was updating ADA access. Anderson Bogert redesigned ADA access for pedestrians to and from the parking facility. In addition, parking was corrected and accommodated to meet applicable codes. An existing steep access drive was closed and relocated to increase safety and provide more efficient traffic circulation.

Existing lighting was replaced with more energy efficient LED devices. The light bases are protected on stamped color concrete islands, making the bases both utilitarian and visually appealing.

Sustainability is important to both Kirkwood and our firm, and was a key factor in the design of this project. In order to maximize resources, the existing parking lot pavement was recycled and crushed onsite. Later, the crushed pavement was utilized as the granular subbase. In addition, the parking lot was designed to accommodate ease of snow removal by staff.

Since this parking lot is heavily used, construction staging was very important. The project was completed during the 2017 summer break when less students are on campus. To efficiently and quickly complete construction, the parking lot was completely closed to traffic during construction. The project was completed in early August, prior to Fall 2017 classes starting.