Update: 1st Avenue East from 27th Street to 40th Street


Project Description: 1st Avenue East, from 27th Street to 40th Street, is a commercial corridor and major transportation arterial between downtown and residential areas of Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities. The roadway pavement and several of the underground utilities along this portion of 1st Avenue East surpassed their useful life and required replacement or significant reconstruction. This project consists of: roadway improvements, public utilities (water and sanitary sewer), storm sewer, traffic signal work, pavement rehabilitation, sidewalk and corner radius improvements, surveying, and public involvement services.

Work recently wrapped up on the 1st Avenue East project, marking the end of pavement work on this section and the close of this year’s construction activity at this site.

Summary of 1st Avenue East improvements completed in 2016 includes:

  • Street pavement rehabilitation between 34th Street to 40th Street, including roadway improvements, storm sewer work, pavement resurfacing and some sidewalk and corner radius improvements.
  • Street utilities work between 27th Street to 29th Street and 31st Street to 34th Street, including water main and sanitary sewer work.

In 2017, the following improvements are scheduled:

  • Pavement rehabilitation, storm sewer work and sidewalk and corner radius improvements between 27th Street and 34th
  • Final seeding between 34th Street and 40th

The entire 1st Avenue East project stretches from 27th Street to 40th Street. For more information, visit www.MyFirstAve.com.