Marion Municipal Airport, Airport Layout Plan


Project Description: The City of Marion approved a contract with Anderson Bogert at their February 18, 2016 City Council meeting to create an Airport Layout Plan (ALP). This project was funded by the FY 2016 State Airport Development Program through the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT).

In May 2016, the City of Marion organized its inaugural airport advisory committee. Since that time, Anderson Bogert met with the committee several times to discuss and plan the details of runway orientation, length and width, crosswind runway orientation, length and width, critical design aircraft, airport reference code, and runway pavement type. As a part of this process, a proposed layout of the runways has been depicted.

Based on a motion approved at an airport advisory committee meeting in September 2016, Anderson Bogert proceeded with completing a 60% complete draft of the Airport Layout Plan drawing set and submitted that set to the City for review in November 2016.  Those drawings, along with the narrative report, were finalized and then filed with the City Council on January 26, 2017. The documents were subsequently approved by the City Council on March 9, 2017.